The Blessings of Aging: A Celebration of Seniors

The Blessings of Aging: A Celebration of Seniors

Do you feel your age? I recall my mother constantly saying she felt the same inside, as if she were in her 20’s, but the outside didn’t match.  Her mind was just as spry and her ambitions were all still there. There wasn’t anything that she didn’t think she could still do, like climbing up on a ladder and taking the curtains down to wash them. Now at the age of 80 she is still going strong. I am inspired by her confidence to do what she has always done and not worry about putting a number on her forehead.

Just like these folks explain in this video, published on, of a group of seniors at a retirement community, they share their candid opinions on getting older. Their kids are getting older and they feel they are still staying young. They are embracing all the blessings of getting older and wiser.

“Have a passion, feed the passion,” as one woman explains. And she is proof that technology can be utilized by aging seniors as she Facetime’s to take piano lessons. Getting older has not stopped her for a minute.

Now that they have raised their children and for many they have lost their spouse, it’s time to figure out what they really enjoy doing. It’s a fun journey to figure it out. Being happy. Getting older appears to be a lot of fun and when you embrace that idea, then you’ll truly see the blessings in getting older.

Enjoy this video. You’ll be inspired to do something fun today. Click here.