Positive Outcomes Amidst a Pandemic

Positive Outcomes Amidst a Pandemic

Caring Place Healthcare Group (CPHCG) operates five skilled nursing facilities and two senior living communities in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area. As a family-owned business, with approximately 900 team members, they were impacted by COVID-19 like most other facilities.

All Caring Place facilities have continued to admit patients who needed short-term rehabilitation; in addition, the Lodge Nursing & Rehab Center and Glendale Place Nursing & Rehab Center, set up COVID units to admit patients discharging from the hospitals who were positive for COVID-19.

Operating under strict guidelines from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the Ohio Department of Health, the nurses, therapists and the entire team have been working together to provide its residents the critical care they need to recover and return home. Our team members have persevered and done an amazing job and we’d like to share some comments from a few family members and residents.


“My father was transferred to The Lodge after a scare with COVID and our family was amazed with the care he received. His children are spread out among four states (OK, IN SC, and OH) and the attention and care that was given to him made everyone rest better. I am the local child and was in contact with Jennifer the case worker often. I was so impressed with her professionalism, genuine concern for his improvement and frequency of updates. The energy, strength and positive attitude increased daily as he was treated. Our entire family is grateful for not only the medical care, but more importantly, the sincere kindness the staff gave him.”  Joe C.

Lois E.  was admitted to Western Hills Retirement Village for rehab in Nov. 2020 after being diagnosed with COVID.  Her grandson(Left in picture) is a physical therapist at this facility.  Lois shared, “Everyone was so kind there and made me feel good.  All of the therapists were great.  I am now living with my family and have wonderful things going on in my life”. She successfully discharged home after a month of receiving the best rehab and care by our entire staff.

Agnes B. came to Sanctuary Pointe in March 2020 for short term rehabilitation from a hospital admission.  Shortly after admission, she was diagnosed with COVID. Agnes recovered from the virus after a lengthy stay in quarantine and decided it would be best to stay long term at Sanctuary Pointe. We were excited to have her stay and our team members were ready to take care of her and be there for her.  Agnes has been through COVID and a second outbreak here in the facility. She approaches every day with a smile and positive attitude.  During all of this, Agnes also celebrated her 91st birthday in November.  She has also received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to protect her from getting it again .

Shirley L. Independent Living Resident

“Our chefs in the kitchen are wonderful. They prepare us three meals a day and the ladies of the staff deliver it to our room…we’re eating too good!” she shared. “The activities get us out and walking around, while staying six feet apart. It’s like brothers and sisters. We all help each other and that has been a blessing.”

Gail Independent Living Resident

Gail, an independent living resident who moved in last July 2020, during a critical time of trying to manage COVID-19, has said, “moving into an apartment at Western Hills Retirement Village saved my life!” She initially came from the hospital after being told she might not survive.  The therapy team worked with her to build her strength; nonetheless, it was three months before she could get back on her feet.  She moved into an apartment and is now feeling more active. She shared how happy she is that she stayed and has so many new friends and loving people around her. She’s even more amazed that she never contracted the virus and attributes that to the entire team being so cautious.