Independent Living and Helping Hands Program May Save You Money

Independent Living and Helping Hands Program May Save You Money

Why pay for assisted living services when you possibly could remain in independent living?  That is the question Denise Keller, Marketing Director at The Lodge Retirement Community, is asking her prospects when they come in to tour the facility. Typical costs for assisted living within a community are higher due to the increase in skilled nursing or aide services to help with activities of daily living or ADL’s.

So lets start by defining the difference between independent living and assisted living. Independent living is ideal for individuals who can still live independently and manage most daily tasks on their own.  The Lodge Retirement Community provides their residents with convenient access to dining, entertainment, transportation, housekeeping and more. The independent living lifestyle offers residents a safe living environment, but with minimal assistance.

Assisted living is a great option for individuals who have difficulty with daily activities and need help regularly. The Lodge offers assisted living apartments that provide 24 hour nursing along with regular support for daily activities ranging from cleaning, housekeeping, laundry services, medication management, daily escorts, room checks and assistance taking a shower. Both living options include utilities, transportation and meals. Assisted living costs are higher due to these added daily services.

But as Denise explains, “Our Helping Hands program offers services to a resident while still living in an independent living apartment. The resident can add on more assistance when they need it and change it whenever the need arises.” These a-la-cart services can consist of medication reminders, bathing and dressing assistance, some housekeeping help and more, all of which offer a daily or monthly rate. “Many residents only need help from time to time and not on a regular basis but end up paying for all these services when they really don’t need them all. So our Helping Hands program bridges that gap so they can ask for help and only have to pay for it whenever they need it”, Denise added.

These a-la-cart services can help cut down on monthly costs when a resident remains in an independent living apartment. It also helps residents to maintain their independence and confidence that they can still manage things on their own.  However, The Lodge Retirement Community employs a loving, caring staff and they are always there to make sure your loved one is safe and well taken care of.

So before you make a decision to move into an assisted living apartment, come and talk to the Marketing Director at The Lodge Retirement Community to see what your true needs are. They will complete a full assessment and explain what your best options are.