Glendale Place-Rehab Success

Glendale Place-Rehab Success

“I had almost completely lost my ability to walk.”

Meet Bill Binder and hear his journey to recovery.

“I went into liver failure and was in respiratory distress. I was nearly in a coma. I woke up on a ventilator in the ICU at Christ Hospital. They weaned me off of the ventilator within a day. My liver recovered in six days and slowly I was able to take my medicine again. I was being discharged and needed to go somewhere for rehab. I had almost completely lost my ability to walk,” Bill explained. Luckily, Bill knew exactly where to turn to get back on his feet.

Glendale Place Nursing and Rehab, located off I-75 at the Glendale-Milford Road exit, started Bill’s road to recovery. “Glendale was the closest rehab center to my home. I had been an EMT and basic medic for years, which enabled me to visit the building while transporting patients. The building was always nice and the staff so friendly and helpful. I knew Glendale Place was the only place I would ever go when in need of physical and occupational therapy.” Bill was admitted on a Friday night and didn’t expect to do anything except stay in his room the entire weekend.

“I was surprised when Janet, a physical therapist at Glendale, showed up and evaluated me on a Saturday morning. The occupational therapists, Emily and John, were right behind her. I worked with the therapist every day [for eight days] with their encouragement. They were amazing,” Bill said.

But that level of service didn’t stop with the therapists. “I didn’t interact with one person here that wasn’t friendly, considerate, and mindful of my privacy. Housekeeping kept my room clean and stocked. Laundry was always done. The dietary staff was quick to react to my special diet needs. It’s just a wonderful place and I would encourage every single patient to come here.”

“If it had been a nursing home that wasn’t as receptive and wasn’t as encouraging as Glendale, it would have taken me twice as long to rehab and get back home.” – Bill Binder

Glendale Place is a 4 Star Facility. Call Shelly for admission information.513-722-6630

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