All Facilities Now Open for Visitation

All Facilities Now Open for Visitation

March 11, 2021

Visitation Now Open

We are very excited to announce that CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has changed their guidance to permit visitation in our facility. We cannot wait to see you back in the facility! Although CMS changed the guidance to allow visitation in our facility, they gave us no guidance to accomplish this. We have been working to develop a process that allows for open visitation, while simultaneously adhering to the core principles of infection control in place to protect our residents and staff.

We expect the visitation process to evolve over time as we get accustomed to having visitors back in the facility on a regular basis. We’re asking for your patience as we learn how to have open visitation in a safe and organized manner. In an effort to accommodate all of our residents and families, we are going to start our visitation process with 30-minute blocks of time so that we can work on our screening process and get our feet under us. Over time, we envision a more open process where people can visit longer and ultimately without scheduling time.

In our visitation policy, we have tried to account for every scenario, but I’m positive that we missed one or two. We kindly ask for your patience as our visitation evolves. I invite you to contact the Caring Place facility of your choice with any questions or concerns.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We are very excited to put this past year behind us, except to carry forward some of the improved infection control measures we have implemented. Over time visitation will look different. It will be easier for all of us. Above all we want to ensure that our residents, our staff, and you feel safe.

Thank you and Warm Regards

Chase M. Kohn, COO

Caring Place Healthcare Group

P.S. I’m also excited to share that we are continuing our vaccination process. We had the pharmacy at a number of our communities March 11th to vaccinate new residents and staff. We are committed to maintaining an on-going vaccination program because it provides another layer of protection for everyone!